Secrétan à Paris

Label showing several successors to Secretan.
Figure 1: Label showing several successors to Secretan.
Secrétan was professor of optics at Lausanne until 1848. The original firm was founded in Paris in 1789 by Noël Jean Lerebours at 69, quay de l'Horloge1 and was later located at 13 Place du Pont Neuf (1789 or 1795) with a workshop at 28 Place Dauphine2. He worked with Noël-Marie-Paymel Lerebours, son of Noël Jean Lerebours (1761-1840), in Paris from 1845 to 1855 and on his own after that as Opticien de S.A.M. l'Empereur.
He did work for the Paris observatory and was probably joined by his son and nephew, Auguste and Georges Secrétan who later (as per 1855) worked under the name Maison Lerebours & Secrétan.3
In 1855 the Maison Lerebours & Secretan signature was introduced3). The successor of Maison Lerebours & Secrétan was C. Epry. Epry made telescopes and succeeded the Ancienne Maison Lerebours et Secretan, Fondée en 1789 in the early 20th century.1,4

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